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Hi! So here goes nothing. Let me for warn you. LOL Writing is not even close to my favorite thing. So, if I ramble or go off on a beaten path don’t give up.

So, I thought it would be interesting for my perspective couples to know how or should I say why I got into photography.
IT all started 3 years ago. My wedding. Let’s just say not ONE of my wedding photos hang in my home. SAD RIGHT?
What is even worse is my mother in law bought some pretty amazing frames as our wedding gift.

I am sure your wondering WHY?  My portraits are HORRIBLE. Every one has this one strand of hair that lays across my forehead.  You may think OK. No, biggie. But it drove me nuts. I am and was so disappointed. Months later my husband surprised me with my first Canon DSLR. From that day I took it and ran with it. I had my first wedding booked within a month. I vowed that I would do everything in my power to ensure that My Bride and Groom would most Definitely end up with photos they would be happy to display on every wall of their home. It comes down to paying attention to those little details. Absolutely some things are unavoidable. I totally get that. 

If you are wondering what I did to address my photos. Truly nothing.  Because I made the all to common mistake of hiring a friend that had photographed my daughter who was pursing a career in modeling. He and his associates were trying to branch into weddings. Personally I thought well his modeling, and head shot portfolio was amazing so how could my wedding be any differently. We were on a strict budget, as this would be my second marriage. Our main goal was not to to go into debt. Lesson learned the hard way. 

What I make a point to tell all my couples. 3 most important areas to put the majority of your budget towards. Photographer, Dress and a real Bridal Bouquet.  These three truly will make the difference in capturing that magical, phenomenal photo that will adorn your walls to look back on for years to come.

Cant wait to get to know you and yours better!


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Rob and Amanda met just like many modern couples nowadays, online It’s been one and half years and still are absolutely inseparable! I absolutely love hearing how these new online platforms can bring people together in amazing ways!

So, we asked Rob and Amanda a little bit about them and their story, because let’s be honest, that’s what we are here for and that’s what we love! We found out quickly that Rob is not the greatest at keeping secrets. With that being said, Amanda knew the proposal was coming.  They skipped all the stress of a traditional wedding and were intimately married at the courthouse. Amanda was pleasantly surprised when Rob suggested they set up a photo session to finally get professional photos. I was excited to be a part of this. Together Amanda and I arranged a phenomenal reclamation dress along with a few other outfits. The bouquet provided by Anderson Florist fit her vision perfectly. 

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Hug Point, Oregon was an absolutely beautiful place for Rob and Amanda’s elopement! There is a variety of atmospheres and backdrops, that give you a wide range of diversity for sessions or elopements. Including, mountains, forest, beach, caves, and the unforgettable waterfall. This was something that Rob and Amanda absolutely loved, and we did too! 

So what do they love about each other? Amanda describes Rob as dedicated, loyal, and hardworking where Rob describes Amanda as compassionate, kind, and beautiful. How sweet is that!? We are so glad they decided to travel from Rhode Island to Hug Point, Oregon for their beautiful elopement and allowed us to capture their beautiful day!

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KILEY AND JACOB’S CAPE KIWANDA BEACH ENGAGEMENT! Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (3 of 20)Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (3 of 20)

Kiley and Jacob chose Cape Kiwanda Beach in Pacific City, Oregon for their adventurous engagement session. We had originally planned their session at Hug Point, but the forecast was predicting rain at the same time as their session. I kept watch on the weather all week and suggested moving the session to Cape Kiwanda since it wasn’t supposed to rain there until later.

Kiley said they love the beach and spend as much time there as possible when they have time off together. The breathtaking sand dunes of Cape Kiwanda beach are one of Oregon Coast’s most stunning features. You can also see the iconic Haystack Rock in the background of their photos. Cape Kiwanda is one of absolute favorite places and I love photographing sessions there. Great Dune is a huge hill of mudstone and sandstone and was the perfect backdrop for Kiley and Jacob’s photos. 

cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (16 of 46)cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (16 of 46)


Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (19 of 20)Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (19 of 20)

cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (14 of 46)cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (14 of 46) cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (6 of 46)cape-kiwanda-oregon-engagement-photographer (6 of 46)

These two lovebirds have been together for 2.5 years. They met at a country music festival, but didn’t start dating until they matched shortly after on Tinder. Their first date was the drive-in move theater. Kiley told Jacob to surprise her with snacks for the movie, but his snacks were so awful she should have ran. They are both very glad she didn’t. 
Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (8 of 20)Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (8 of 20) Jacob proposed to Kiley at a Portland Oregon Trail Blazer’s game. His dad is the stunt team coach for the blazers and sometimes gives the couple tickets. Kiley knew something was definitely up because everyone was acting so strangely! So she asked Jacob, “You’re not proposing to me tonight, are you?” Jacob said no, but his smile told otherwise. After the parade, Kiley took a silly photo of Jacob and his dad holding her sideways with the stunt team, because she always jokes that she wants to be on the stunt team. Once they set her down, Jacob’s dad hands him the ring and Jacob gets down on one knee. Everyone yells, “Say yes!” Excitedly they hug! When Kiley comes down from cloud 9, she’s pleasantly surprised to realize her little brother joined in making it a group hug celebration!  Kiley & Jacob’s families join together to continue the celebration thanks to Grandma’s game tickets!  The proposal turned out exactly how Kiley dreamed it would be, surrounded by their families! Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (12 of 20)Kreative-memories-photography-volume-1 (12 of 20) Kiley said the most memorable part of their engagement session was how much they laughed during it. She said they laughed every time they put their heads together because they looked so funny to each other. This was my favorite part too, because their fun, outgoing personalities could shine! All of the laughter and genuine smiles were phenomenal and showed how much they are so madly in love! 

Pro Tip from Kiley: Remember to bring your lipstick in case in fades and just relax and go with it! Kiley and Jacob absolutely loved their photos and said I was able to make them feel comfortable and offered helpful advise. This is everything I hope for with my sessions and I am so glad they felt comfortable enough to really be themselves. 

I am so glad the rain held off for their session and that there were flexible to changing locations. Sometimes things work exactly the way they were meant to and we were able to capture these phenomenal photos!

M48A3826M48A3826 M48A4001M48A4001 M48A4008M48A4008


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Cavalli Creek Farms is a newer wedding venue located in Bradenton, Florida. We collaborated with an incredibly talented team of vendors to bring you this gorgeous wintery styled shoot, featuring a dark color palette of dark merlot, berry, blush and navy. We were blessed to include a guest star appearance from one of Cavalli Creek Farm’s beautiful horses. What a dream come true!

Cavalli Creek Farms offers custom events at their stunning white barn accented in black trim, traditional barn doors and market lights. They offer packages as simple as Ceremony and Reception rental to all inclusive packages including tent rental, decor, and even your officiant! 

Pulled from their website, “Cavalli Creek Farms is a small family owned working equestrian farm. We love our horses like family and in 2018 we opened our doors to adventurous and rustic brides alike who love horses and the outdoors as much as we do.”

You KNOW how much I love adventurous couples! 


M48A1923M48A1923 M48A2219M48A2219 M48A1932M48A1932

Shy Chic Boutique by Cheyenne Weiss provided the lovely bouquet. The traditional cascading bouquet showcased merlot, blush, navy roses, and eucalyptus greenery perfectly accented with tiny little berries. This bouquet beautifully tied in with the the groom’s attire, the color of the cake, which was also accented with berries and the elegant rustic venue. “Shy Chic is a one-stop-shop for handcrafted items, from unique handmade jewelry to custom vinyl items (hats, shirts, signs, etc) to wood flower bouquets and arrangements.” She does it all and so magnificently!

Megan’s Creations delighted us with a 4 tiered whipped buttercream cake in a raspberry color. The cake was accented with blush and fuchsia roses, eucalyptus, blackberries, blueberries and cherries. It truly looked too good to eat, but I really really wanted to! 


Hair and Makeup was provided by Beauty by Krista. The romantic side swept updo featured an elegant braid down one side and wrapped into the bun in the back. Krista Grow is a multi media artist who has been trained and certified. 


Our enchanting models are real life married couple, Loren and Cody. They have now been married for 7 years. When asked about their proposal, Loren said, he “Proposed in the kitchen while I was doing dishes, then again on the dance floor of a dinner cruise while our song was on”. How romantic! They now have a son, Riley, who is 4 years old. They love going on adventures with Riley, especially to theme parks. Loren was so excited to get back into her wedding dress! Isn’t she just a stunning bride?

This team of vendors were such a dream to work with and I am so excited to share the photos with you!


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