There is an addictive quality to the emotions I’m surrounded with on the wedding day. Capturing the sparkle in your eye & the crinkle on your nose as your love leans in to whisper an inside joke that makes you cackle like nobody’s business. Or when a tear slides down your mother’s cheek, silently, as she watches your Father, her beloved husband, walk you down the aisle. Capturing these cherished moments that we may not even be aware of at the moment- that is my biggest passion. THOSE are the moments I live for. 

The phrase “high on love” is my life. It is a gift to witness the union of marriage. It is a huge adrenaline rush for me to bear witness to wedding day moments filled with emotions of, joy and happiness. It’s truly an intoxicating feeling that fills my soul, leaving me wanting more! That's why I LOVE what I do!

 My vow to YOU, during your wedding day festivities, is that I will find the moments that make your heart sing. That makes your dreams soar. That exudes the promise that on this day your wedding day you begin your journey, together as husband & wife!




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