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Rob and Amanda met just like many modern couples nowadays, online It’s been one and half years and still are absolutely inseparable! I absolutely love hearing how these new online platforms can bring people together in amazing ways!

So, we asked Rob and Amanda a little bit about them and their story, because let’s be honest, that’s what we are here for and that’s what we love! We found out quickly that Rob is not the greatest at keeping secrets. With that being said, Amanda knew the proposal was coming.  They skipped all the stress of a traditional wedding and were intimately married at the courthouse. Amanda was pleasantly surprised when Rob suggested they set up a photo session to finally get professional photos. I was excited to be a part of this. Together Amanda and I arranged a phenomenal reclamation dress along with a few other outfits. The bouquet provided by Anderson Florist fit her vision perfectly. 

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Hug Point, Oregon was an absolutely beautiful place for Rob and Amanda’s elopement! There is a variety of atmospheres and backdrops, that give you a wide range of diversity for sessions or elopements. Including, mountains, forest, beach, caves, and the unforgettable waterfall. This was something that Rob and Amanda absolutely loved, and we did too! 

So what do they love about each other? Amanda describes Rob as dedicated, loyal, and hardworking where Rob describes Amanda as compassionate, kind, and beautiful. How sweet is that!? We are so glad they decided to travel from Rhode Island to Hug Point, Oregon for their beautiful elopement and allowed us to capture their beautiful day!

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