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Hi! So here goes nothing. Let me for warn you. LOL Writing is not even close to my favorite thing. So, if I ramble or go off on a beaten path don’t give up.

So, I thought it would be interesting for my perspective couples to know how or should I say why I got into photography.
IT all started 3 years ago. My wedding. Let’s just say not ONE of my wedding photos hang in my home. SAD RIGHT?
What is even worse is my mother in law bought some pretty amazing frames as our wedding gift.

I am sure your wondering WHY?  My portraits are HORRIBLE. Every one has this one strand of hair that lays across my forehead.  You may think OK. No, biggie. But it drove me nuts. I am and was so disappointed. Months later my husband surprised me with my first Canon DSLR. From that day I took it and ran with it. I had my first wedding booked within a month. I vowed that I would do everything in my power to ensure that My Bride and Groom would most Definitely end up with photos they would be happy to display on every wall of their home. It comes down to paying attention to those little details. Absolutely some things are unavoidable. I totally get that. 

If you are wondering what I did to address my photos. Truly nothing.  Because I made the all to common mistake of hiring a friend that had photographed my daughter who was pursing a career in modeling. He and his associates were trying to branch into weddings. Personally I thought well his modeling, and head shot portfolio was amazing so how could my wedding be any differently. We were on a strict budget, as this would be my second marriage. Our main goal was not to to go into debt. Lesson learned the hard way. 

What I make a point to tell all my couples. 3 most important areas to put the majority of your budget towards. Photographer, Dress and a real Bridal Bouquet.  These three truly will make the difference in capturing that magical, phenomenal photo that will adorn your walls to look back on for years to come.

Cant wait to get to know you and yours better!



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